February 13, 2012

Dawn of a New 'Age'

Well, it's official. My life as we know it has ended. A terrible thing happened this weekend that brought it to a screeching halt: 

My sister found four grey hairs on my head. FOUR. It may not seem like much, but it's certainly enough to be unsettling, to say the least.

It's no secret that this picture of Duchess Catherine is the kind of hair I would love to have. 
But as soon as my sister so gleefully announced her discovery, all I could picture was:

Yes, this may seem silly. Yes, I still have my youth. And yes, I am very lucky to have my health.

But FOUR GREY HAIRS?! That is something I was totally, completely unprepared for. They were long, too, and that's almost the worst part, because that means they have been there, hiding, for a while. I am here to assure you, though, that I had my sister ever-so-gently pull those four pesky grey hairs from my dark locks. Only she wasn't so gentle about it.


I've never once dyed my hair, I've never even so much as highlighted it...but this certainly got me thinking that I may have to get those caramel colored highlights I've always thought about after all.

I quickly sent out a panicked text to some of my close girlfriends, and quickly got responses something along the lines of, "how fast did you go buy hair dye?! I've been dying mine forever!" I guess I just didn't realize how common this apparently is, but that doesn't make up for the sinking feeling in my gut that I got the second my sister made the information public that I was starting to go grey.

Bye, bye, youth. I suppose you are headed out the door.

February 7, 2012

Productivity Burst

I don't know about you, but I tend to have what I refer to as "productivity bursts." Normally, once I get home from work, I am tired, and I mean tired. My job keeps me moving around a lot, dealing with a lot of people, demands a lot of attention to detail and a whole lot of patience. So, once I get a chance to come home, cook dinner, and finally sit down, I'm usually pretty close to exhausted.

Needless to say, my after-work productivity levels are generally fairly low. On some days, though, I surprise myself with how much I accomplish. Today was one of those days. In a nutshell, I succeeded in the following:

Two loads of laundry: check.
Dishes washed and put away: check.
Clean clothes folded: check.
Bathroom cleaned: check.
Mirrors and windows washed: check.
Dinner made: check.
Two blog posts (not including this one) completed: check.

Not bad for a Tuesday, huh? Here's to hoping this happens tomorrow too, because those clothes certainly aren't going to iron themselves.

Do you ever have productivity bursts?

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