January 19, 2012

Say What?!

Can we talk about this photo for a second? Is it not quite possibly one of the best ideas you have ever seen? I am pretty convinced whoever thought of this just solved a great many of the world's problems which derive from anger. Who could be angry with a cup of coffee and a cookie to dunk in it, all in one convenient mug? No one, that's who.

I saw this little beauty on Pinterest. Just in case someone spearheading SOPA or PIPA is wondering, no, I am not trying to steal the idea, nor am I claiming it is mine. This is me, not taking credit for it or trying to sell it. Now, please don't shut down my blog.

Can you hear the irritated tone of my voice? I hope so.

Where is Al Gore when you need him, anyway? Why doesn't he explain that his invention shouldn't be reduced to modern-day McCarthyism.

End rant. For now.

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