July 31, 2011

The Beginning of...Well, Who Knows?

I suppose an introduction is in order.

Since graduating from college, I have found myself busy, busy, busy...with practically nothing. Having not found a job yet (yeah, I know, shocker. A 20-something psychology major in a terrible job market hasn't found a stellar career.), I have found I have a great propensity to do one thing. All the time. Like my life depended on it.


It's all I do. I think and think and think until I think my head might burst. And what's worse is that I think about everything. The job market. New must-try recipes.The happiness situation in Bhutan. The growing dust collection on a stack of forgotten CDs in my room.  Football pants, which happen to be infinitely confusing to me. Everything.

Finally, after a long day full of thoughts running through my mind (I sometimes imagine a little man named Thought literally sprinting around my brain, it's exhausting!), I decided that if I have to be subject to my own thoughts, so should you.

In this blog, you will find a sort of stream of consciousness. I can't promise that it will make sense at all times, because, really, what ever does make sense all the time? I can promise, however, that these posts will probably (notice how I said probably, not definitely, so don't blame me if this doesn't turn out to be true) make you laugh, scratch your head, turn up your stereo, and possibly make you do exactly what I'm trying to avoid doing: think.
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