30 Before 30

The following are things I would like to experience/accomplish by the time I reach age 30. As I complete them, I'll cross them off. Keep your fingers crossed that I get them completed!

  • Have a book nook like this in my home...except the other three walls of the room would also be covered in books and French doors would open into the room. Don't forget the bay window. 
  • Travel to Italy
  • Master the art of making a souffle 
  • Live in or near Detroit, MI (for those of you outside MI, you wouldn't believe how awesome it is downtown)
  • Go wine tasting
  • Attend Beerfest
  • See at least one game of every major Detroit team (Red Wings, Pistons, Lions, Tigers)
  • Travel in South America
  • Meet Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS Shoes
  • See Juanes in concert
  • Have a conversation lasting at least 5 min. in Italian
  • Brew my own beer
  • See a show at the Fox Theater in Detroit
  • Read Don Quixote, cover to cover, in Spanish
  • Read Date's Inferno in Italian
  • Take my father to England (he's always wanted to go)
  • Speak at a psychology conference
  • Continue my research on cell phone dependency & separation anxiety
  • Work for a non-profit
  • Take the GRE in psychology
  • Attend graduate school for psychology
  • Attend a charity ball
  • Visit New York
  • Be published in a noteworthy magazine
  • Make my own gnocchi in lobster bisque
  • Build a bar in my home
  • Try being a vegetarian for 6 months
  • Picnic in the gardens at MSU
  • Grow my own garden
  • Make my own pasta
Some are easier than others, and some will certainly require a lot of time and effort. Here's to hoping my youth is in my favor! 
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